Visiting Rome is an adventure that will give you great satisfaction.

You will discover magical places and enchanting glimpses of the the Eternal City.

The staff of Hotel Amalfi is always available to share tips and secrets to not feel a simple tourist but a real Roman!

Today we would like to share with you the story of an ice cream shop. Not a simple one but the historic  ice creamshop in the capital since 1880 !

At the beginning, there was a little ice and beer point in Quattro Fontane street , near Barberini Square. Giacomo, from Piemonte, and Giuseppina his wife, from Sicily, started a company that brought their son, Giovanni, to work as pastry chef in Royal House

He was called The King gelatiere, remembered by his characteristic mustache, that will be the reason of his fortune. When all the workers were obliged to cut the mustache by a royal order, then, Giovanni declined and opened a private company following his dream

This dream has become a splendid reality in a few minutes walk from the Hotel Amalfi. A 700 square meter ice cream shop with a workshop which also offers the possibility of real tour, to experience the secrets of the best italian ice cream in Rome.


Upon your arrival the Staff will provide you with a city map with all the indication to enjoy a true Gourmet ice cream!