There are very strange guests in the last period at the Hotel Amalfi in Rome.

A few days ago the cleaning lady ran in reception warning that a yellow duck was lying on the bed and did not intend to move from there! Probably this strange duck was appreciating our new

beds and the possibility that we give to our customers to add an additional soft topper free of


And there's more, the porter Giospo while preparing the breakfast room has noticed a sort of small green dinosaur. He had probably heard that every day The Amalfi Hotel offers to its

customers a warm and cold breakfast with bacon, scrambled and boiled eggs! Yummy!

Finally Natalia, the famous "mamma" of the Hotel (do not ask me why ...) found a Pikachu

climbed onto the balcony of our historic building! He was enjoying the fantastic view overlooking

Santa Maria Maggiore, definitely!

Obviously I did not believe in any of these stories, I knew that were just excuses for not working!

Until yesterday ... when a blue bat is arrived at the reception asking for a room!

Now guys, I understand that near the Hotel Amalfi, being just 8 minutes walking from Colosseum and Roman Forum, there are several PokeStop and 5 Pokemon Gyms , but please we need your help!!!!

Catch them all !!!!!!!!!!

Now i have to leave you cause a pink bear with a long tail is stealing my moto!


Anything you need just contact me here: info@hotelamalfiroma.it!